We Are Aparna Rollform
Providing Versatile Quality Steel Reinforcing Sections cold roll formed products
From offering the most competitive prices in the market to fast & efficient delivery times along with excellent customer service - Aparna Rollform is a reliable Cold roll formed product manufacturer that offers a one-roof solution to all your multiple roll form product needs.
We are a leading manufacturer of-
Steel reinforcing sections for uPVC window & door profiles.
HDG type Ladder / Perforated Cable Trays Manufacturers & Supporting structures.
Floor Systems: Race ways with Junction Boxes.
All-steel galvanized False Ceiling Channels.
We Are Aparna Rollform
About Aparna Rollform
We are considered to be among the best Cold roll forming product manufacturers in the country. We manufacture superior quality steel cold rolled steel sections, such as uPVC reinforcing steel and all-steel False Ceiling Channels adhering to the highest standards. Our Cable Management Systems provide high utility for any commercial or residential entity. All of our products are absolutely free of corrosion, deliver superior surface finish, maintain uniformity from batch to batch and have straightness not many can match.
Setting a precedent for unsurpassable quality
Fast and efficient delivery times
Excellent customer support service throughout the process
An ISO-certified company
Our Products
Rollform has applications across several industries and fields. We’re here to meet all your requirements with our high-quality products.
Steel Reinforcements for uPVC windows and doors
Aparna Rollform products offer several shaped reinforcements for uPVC doors and windows. These reinforcements are inserted into the window or door and increase its strength & stability. The reinforcements are corrosion resistant, robust and stay good for years. Aparna Venster is considered one of the best uPVC windows and doors manufacturers in India with our reinforcements installed in more than 1.5 million doors & windows.
Cable Management System
We are also high quality Ladder and Perforated type cable tray manufacturers. Our Cable Trays are ideal for managing large volumes of cables in commercial and residential spaces. Our easy-to-install trays have made us one of the best cable tray manufacturers in India. Our cable rack tray systems can be customized for height, width & length.
False Ceilings Sections
False ceiling sections can help transform the interiors and enhance the style quotient in any given space. Made with high-quality sheet steel, Aparna Rollform manufactures false ceiling sections, which provide sturdy products that are able to hold the plasterboards for years, ensuring long life to the false ceiling.
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Products You Can Rely On
At Aparna Rollform, our goal is to be among the best Cold roll formed product manufacturers. We want to be the go-to solution for all rollforming needs of every industry, commercial space, farm, and other projects by setting an unparalleled standard.
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