Aparna Cable Tray Covers

Aparna Tray Covers are essential components used in cable management systems, specifically designed to enclose and protect cables within cable trays. We are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of cable tray covers in Hyderabad. Here are brief details about the different types of Aparna Cable Tray Covers

Protective Shield

Aparna Tray Covers serve as a protective shield for cables housed within cable trays. They safeguard cables from dust, debris, moisture, and other environmental factors, ensuring their longevity and functionality.

Custom Fit

Aparna GI Cable Tray Covers are typically designed to precisely fit their corresponding cable trays, ensuring a secure and snug fit. This customization helps maintain the integrity of the cable management system.

Diverse Applications

Aparna Cable Tray Covers find applications in a wide range of settings, including industrial facilities, data centers, commercial buildings, and residential installations. They are especially useful where cable protection and safety are paramount.

Fire Resistance

In certain applications, fire-resistant Cable Tray Protectors may be required to enhance overall safety. These covers are designed to withstand fire and prevent the spread of flames, providing an added layer of protection for cables.

Easy Access

These covers are designed to allow easy access to the cables when necessary. They often feature hinged or removable sections, enabling convenient maintenance, inspection, or the addition of new cables without the need to remove the entire cover.

Material Variety

These covers, including ladder cable tray cover, pvc cable tray with cover, and ventilated cable tray cover, can be manufactured from various materials, including metal, plastic, or fiberglass. The choice of material depends on factors such as the type of cables, environmental conditions, and industry standards.

Ventilation Options

Some Tray Covers may include ventilation slots or openings to promote airflow within the cable tray, preventing heat build-up and ensuring that cables remain within safe operating temperatures.

Secure Closure

We are among the best cable tray cover manufacturers in Hyderabad because of the secure closure we provide. Aparna Tray Covers are designed with secure closures to prevent unauthorized access, tampering, or accidental cable exposure. This ensures the safety and integrity of the cables within.

Colour Coding

Some covers may be available in different colors to help identify specific cable types, routing, or sections within the cable tray system. Color coding simplifies cable management and troubleshooting.

Overall, Aparna Tray Covers play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and organization of cables within cable tray systems. Their design and material options make them versatile and adaptable to various cable management needs and environmental conditions. When you buy cable trays from Aparna Rollform, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with one of the best cable tray covers manufacturers in Hyderabad.

Application of Aparna cable Tray Covers

Cable tray covers serve important functions in cable management systems by enclosing and protecting cables within cable trays. These covers find applications in various settings to ensure the safety, organization, and longevity of cable installations. Here are common applications of cable tray covers

Industrial Facilities

Cable tray covers are extensively used in industrial environments, including manufacturing plants, refineries, and chemical processing facilities. They protect cables from exposure to harsh chemicals, dust, and extreme temperatures.

Commercial Buildings

In office complexes, retail spaces, and commercial buildings, cable tray covers help maintain a neat and organized appearance while safeguarding cables from accidental damage and wear and tear.

Data Centres

Data centres rely on cable tray covers to protect critical data and communication cables. Fire-resistant covers are often used to enhance safety in these high-tech facilities.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Cable tray covers are used in healthcare settings to protect sensitive medical equipment and communication cables. Their clean and secure installation supports patient care and safety.

Residential Construction

Cable tray covers are sometimes employed in residential settings to manage and protect electrical, data, and home automation cables. They help prevent cable tangling and provide an organized wiring system.

Power Plants

In power generation and distribution facilities, cable tray covers are used to protect electrical cables and wiring from exposure to high voltage and harsh environmental conditions.

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry relies on cable tray covers to safeguard cables in offshore and onshore installations. Corrosion-resistant covers are essential in these environments.

Transportation Infrastructure

Cable tray covers are used in transportation infrastructure such as airports, railways, and subways to protect signalling, communication, and power cables from environmental factors and physical damage.

Educational Institutions

Educational campuses, including schools and universities, use cable tray covers to protect communication and power cables while maintaining a safe and organized environment.

Telecommunication Networks

Telecommunication providers use cable tray covers to protect cables in outdoor installations, data centres, and network distribution points. Transparent covers are often used for easy cable inspection.

Retail and Shopping Centres

Cable tray covers are used in retail spaces to manage and protect power and data cables for lighting, point-of-sale systems, and audio-visual equipment.

Entertainment Venues

In theatres, concert halls, and stadiums, cable tray covers ensure the safe and organized management of audio, video, and lighting cables.


Research laboratories utilize cable tray covers to protect sensitive cables used in scientific experiments and equipment.

Military Installations

Cable tray covers are employed in military bases and installations to secure power and communication cables, especially in mission-critical applications.

Cleanroom Environments

In cleanroom facilities, cable tray covers are used to protect cables from contamination and to ensure the cleanliness and integrity of cable installations.

The choice of cable tray covers and their applications depend on the specific needs of the environment, including cable types, safety requirements, and exposure to environmental factors. Properly selected and installed cable tray covers contribute to efficient cable management and the overall functionality of various installations.

Standard Specifications Ram materials Finishes
Cover width (MM): 50 – 1000 Pre-galvanized (GI) confirming to IS 277 Pre-galvanized GI as per 277 (90 GSM, 120GSM)
Cover Flange (MM): 15 – 50 Mild Steel (MS) Confirming to IS .1079, IS 10748, IS 2062 & IS 513 Powder Coated
Cover Thickness (MM): 1.6 – 3 Aluminium (AL) Confirming to IS 737 Aluminium (AL) Confirming to IS 737
Cover Length (MM): 2500 – 3000 Stainless Steel confirming to Grade 304 & 316 Stainless Steel confirming to Grade 304 & 316
Cover Types: 1) Plain /Solid type 2) Perforated Type 3) Hut type
Tray Thickness (MM): 1.6 – 3
Tray Length (MM): 2500 - 6000